Creative / Cosplay Photo Sessions

  • How many photoshopped images do I get?

    • We limit the number of photos to 3 per session unless there is a special agreement which will be documented and laid out in the contract.

  • Do I get printed images?

    • Our standard contract provides the portrait service and free image downloads.  Prints are extra on a per print pricing plan.  Details of the per print fee are documented and provided in the print fee document.  After we complete our work, we will provide a link to the images where you can download and/or order prints.

  • How do I retrieve/download my images?

    • Ghost River Photography utilizes a web based image storage service.  We will provide a link to the secure images after we complete our work.

  • Are my images safe/protected?

    • Yes.  Our cloud service is password protected.  Each client has their own secure image folder that is password protected.  We will provide the access information to you upon completion of our work.  If you provide this password and link to others, they too will be able to view and download or order prints of the images.

  • How long will my images remain online?

    • We typically save the images for 6 months after we have uploaded our complete work.

  • What if I do not like the photoshopped images?

    • We absolutely want you to be happy with our work and we are willing to consider revising or editing the images based on your requests, but please note that this is considered a type of art and we retain the right to limit the images to our vision which will be representative of our style.  Ideally, you have already seen examples of our work on our website (www.ghostriverphotography.com) and you have some expectation of what the final work will look like based on those images as well as our planning meetings/discussions.