LEC Batman

Meet Will, our newest member of the League of Extraordinary Children.

Will was born with breathing and heart problems. Also, he lacked a typical autonomic feeding response; therefore, surgeons had to implant a feeding tube to keep him alive. There were many scary turns in his life where he was not expected to last through the night, but he persevered and made it to the point where he could finally go home with his loving parents.

Will has complex medical needs and requires multiple therapy sessions every week. He struggles with expressive communication but it's clear that he gets excited to meet people and his eyes light up when it's time to watch Batman.

Will's wonderful spirit fills the room with love and melts hearts. Welcome to the team, Will! Costume by @WhiteKnightCosplay

If you want to learn more about Will, here's a video about his life so far.

Young Batman

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